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I'm Billy from Seattle, Washington. Please use these as you wish for your enjoyment. I definitely need no credit, and you can do anything you want with them. They do have the copyright symbol on a separate layer, and it is only there to protect this site, and for you to keep if you belong to a site that requires copyright information on your graphics. You can also credit as 'Billy at so others will be able to find us.
If You want to use the images commercially, please make a donation to one of our charities in our name..

To me, the important thing is to have fun with them like I do, and not have to worry about copyrights. So rip away at them and make some great creations. You all take care..... Billy
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Billy has graphics and images, Many can be used commercially and for a logo, (with small donation on front page... you chose how much). Images for photo editing in Paintshop Pro®, PhotoShop® and other graphic editing software. Image-graphic-photo-tubes include art images of: Mushrooms - Women - Baby - Pug dog - sphere - Scene - Fairy - Dog - Cowboy - Eagle - Teddy Bear - Lion - Cat - Horse - Raptor - Frog - Dolphin - Fish - Wolf - Chicken - Sheep and Mice.

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