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Oklahoma Christian, The Glory is God's
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For some examples of her offerings click: Here.

Lamb has graphics and images, Many can be used commercially and for logos, (with small donation on front page... you chose how much). Images for photo editing in Paintshop Pro®, PhotoShop® and other graphic editing software. Image-graphic-photos-tubes include art images of: Marbles, Lollipops, Kiwi Fruit, Peaches, Penguin, Peppermint, Glass Emoticons, Stained Glass Window, Wings Angel Cross, Boy, Cat, Candle, Clock, Glass Grapes, Gelatin, Glass Rabbit, Glass Heart, Cake, Glass Rose, Easter Basket, Flower, Bee, Chick, Frames, Bows, Pot, Vase, Mouse, Bowl, Lady Bug, Lamb, Sheep, Alien, Pencil, Remote, Aprons, Jesus, Baby Rattle, Flag, Strawberries, Strawberry Drink, Peach Drink and Grape Drink
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