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Tube Guidelines

Here is the procedure as we can best figure it out so far...

1-Must be 'G' images

2-Must be your own work. It cannot be a derivative of someone else's work. It must be your photo or drawing or vector, pixel, etc painting. It must not be an image that anyone else could construe was theirs. period.

3-The file will be .PaintShop Pro or .PSPIMAGE or .PSD (for tubes) other items offered may be in the corresponding file type.) All three file types support layers, so animations can also be saved that way. **Be sure to save the .PSPIMAGES as 'PaintShop Pro 5 Compatible' using the 'Options' button in the 'Save As...' box, so people with earlier versions can use them.**

4-Add an xtra transparent layer with your © information

5-Right click the file after saving and choose properties. Click the summary tab. under author type '© your nic'

6-While there is no set limit on file size, be warned that people with dialup may get tired of waiting for it to download.

7-Zip the tube in a zip file of the same name as the preview. If you do not have winzip, I will zip it for you. *Do not put spaces or any other characters except letters and numbers in the file name of the zip or preview. if you cannot zip your PSPIMAGES then these guides apply to the tube also*

8-Make a preview of your image using the blank at the bottom of the page. Resize your image to 175 pixels on the longest side, position near the top. On the bottom in verdana #10 in gold (#bba663) *this is just to have a coordinated looking site*. Type the name of the tube and © your name (or nic since that seems to be the way most are going). putting the tube name on it helps me a lot with matching the preview to the proper download. Name that the same name as the .ZIP file (or PSPIMAGE if you are not zipping them). If you cannot do that, I will do it for you.

 When you are ready, post a reply here and I will make a page on the domain for you. Email the previews and tubes to me at dogsscout@gmail.com

*****The 1st two rules are the only real rules. they are not negotiable. Rules 7 & 8 help me load your page immensely *****

 These rules are for the protection of the group and the site. Please do not disrespect them. The rest are guidelines and things that we feel will make it easier on everyone, but they are not (to use a worn out phrase) 'set in stone'. Lol. If we don't get to your thread right away, please be patient. everybody's items will make it on-line.

Any questions?
leave a post on the Artist's board

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