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Safe Graphics School Quiz

Notes: Click on “Grade Quiz” (at bottom of form) to see how you do! Incorrect answers will be checked, and the number of correct answers displayed. A score of 75% or better earns you a plaque to display where you please. If you don’t pass, don’t despair – you can take the quiz as many times as you like! The quiz requires Netscape Navigator 3.01 or later, or MS Internet Explorer 4. It will not run correctly under earlier versions or other browsers.

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1 Which of the above images are “free for use” (assuming “free for use” means no link back/credit)?
2 Which would you be allowed to post for other people to download and use?
3 Which are ©?
4 Which of the following is generally accepted as a “red flag?”
5 Which of the following is generally accepted as a “green light?”
6 You really admire an artist’s work – which of the following can you do(assuming you haven’t written for permission)?
7 Which of the following could Fair Use cover?
8 If you find an irresistable snag you should:
9 If you use a graphic that’s not “safe” you should:
10 When in doubt ….
11 You’re surfing the net and you stumble across a sig with your best buddy BananaAnna’s name on it. Can you grab it?
12 You have permission from an artist to make their graphic into a web set for your own use. Can you do anything else?
13 Who is it up to to determine whether something is ok to use or not?
14 “Personal Use” generally means you can…
15 You’ve found a nice webset and have determined that it’s “safe” to use. Now you can…

You got out of correct.     Your Score: %

After achieving a 75% or better score, right click the award below, save to your computer, add your name and post on your site.
This is an honor system…no cheating, now 😉

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