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My name is Pommerlis. I’m a woman from the Netherlands and slightly addicted to
Poser. My Tubes carry their own watermark so adding a copyright is not needed.
Don’t worry if you don’t see it, I know where it is. If credit is required at
your group, ‘Pommerlis at PSPTubeDepot.com’ is fine.
If You want to use the images commercially, please make a donation to one of our
charities in our name.
They come without the drop shadow and their own little Readme. Have fun with the
Visit my Site:

Pommerlis has graphics and images, Many can be used
commercially and for a logo, (with small donation on front page… you chose how
much). Images for photo editing in Paintshop Pro®, PhotoShop® and other graphic
editing software. Image-graphic-photos-tubes include art images of: Fae, Fairy,

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