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The PaintShop Pro Tube Depot (PSP Tube Depot) was formed to bring together graphic artists who wished to share their Art, Images, Graphics and other resources for use, free of charge, to whomever wished to use them.
All of these PaintShop Pro tubes and other image and resource files are shared under a Creative Commons License:
Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License.

You do not have PaintShop Pro?

No worries. Media Chance Logo has graciously allowed us to offer for download their free .PaintShop Pro & .TUB file converter. To use just open the .PSP or .TUB file in the converter and it will copy it into a 32 bit .PNG file with alpha transparency. If you want to convert a .PSPIMAGE or .PSPTUBE file, merely rename the file with a .PSP or .TUB extension and the converter will still work. This feature allows use of all our images, graphics, tubes and photographs with any brand of image editor. If you have PhotoShop, Photo Paint or any image editing programs that makes animated graphics, web, backgrounds or even icon graphics, you will be able to use these images.
Get it here: TubeEx
Here is a tutorial on how to use it: Tube-Ex Tut

You use Photoshop?

Toby Thain designed a Photo Shop plug-in that allows direct use of PaintShop Pro files in Photoshop It is freeware and open source. Get it here: Paintshop Pro Format
With this and Photo Shop, all your Tubes, Images, Graphics and Photographs are easily available to your Photo Shop program.

Custom Graphics & Commercial Use

Are sometimes available. Use the email us feature to request custom website graphics. These are usually made for commercial or non-profit organizations so a donation would usually be required to have the custom graphics or custom web page graphics made for you.
Some or the artists DO allow commercial use WITH a charitable donation. Please check the extra terms on each artist's page; If it does not say commercial use is OK with a donation, the DO NOT use that artist's work commercially! If they do allow commercial use with a donation, (that you decide the amount of, depending on your use of the graphic), you may also choose to donate a portion of the sales of the item you used one of those artists items in. That way, you pay only when the image makes you an income. If you would like to make a donation, the button below will take you to PayPal where YOU can fill in the amount you'd like to donate.


Ads & Charity

Have you noticed the ads on this site? All ads are non-invasive and safe for your computer. The revenue from these ads goes to one of our artist's charities listed on our 'Charity' page, (above costs).
If you want to donate to our cause here, we ask that you donate to these charities instead.
If you would like to donate to us directly, we will pass any extra on to our charities, you can use this PayPal button, which allows you to fill in the amount. This button can also be used to make a donation if you are using any of the allowed images commercially.

The artists here have spent hours creating these Paint Shop Pro images, free for you to download and use in any kind of cool graphics arrangement you like. So please visit our sponsored ads and if you buy anything from them, again, it will help us to keep this valuable resource available.
We also have an Amazon search feature. Anytime you want to buy just about anything, Please bookmark Our Amazon Store and search for it there. We receive a small amount from that source if you buy anything, not just graphic or image related items.
Thank you for your generosity.


Notice to Schools & Teachers:

PLEASE, feel free to use any graphic in your class if they help in any way. They can be converted to .PNG images, (see above), and printed for many projects

Do not miss Bel's Safe Graphic School!

She will teach you the proper way to find and use safe graphics & images.
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We support people fighting breast cancer. We believe in breast cancer support and that breast cancer information as well as any cancer information that someone can use as a motivation to initiate a discussion with their health-care professionals, their families, friends and/or co-workers is a person's best chance at living the highest quality of life while locked in battle. For breast cancer support and breast cancer information check out 'I Have This Little Garden' web site. In addition to the information and support there, there are links to other great support, information and help sites.

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