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Some of Our Resources

Make sure you read the TOU. Some of these sites are pay sites but let people use the images free for personal use. Some are just plain totally free.

Free Foto ~ https://is.freefoto.com/

AMG Media ~ www.amgmedia.com/freephotos/market.html

Copyright Free Photos ~ https://www.copyrightfreephotos.com

Geek Philosopher ~ www.geekphilosopher.com/MainPage/bkgFruit.htm

PD Photo ~ https://pdphoto.org/  

The PixelPad ~ https://thepixelpad.com/

Font Play ~ www.fontplay.com/freephotos/

Open Photo ~ https://openphoto.net/

Stock Exchange ~ https://sxc.hu/

First Gov ~ https://www.firstgov.gov/Topics/Graphics.shtml

These are our Favorite foundries. make sure you checkout the 'Lost Foundries' in TypeOasis.

The Font Thing ~ https://members.ozemail.com.au/scef/tft.html

TypeOasis ~ www.moorstation.org/typoasis/typoasis1.htm

Paul Larabie Fonts ~ www.larabiefonts.com/

The House of Lime ~ www.houseoflime.com/

Chank Foundry ~ www.iconian.com/

Jeri's Digital ~ https://www.littlehouse.homestead.com/index.html

Famous Fonts ~ www.smackbomb.com/famousfonts/

Nick's Fonts ~ https://www.nicksfonts.com/

Fontasy ~ https://www.fontasy.org/

Jeff's Fonts ~ https://www.geocities.com/jeffsfonts/index.html

(Pay Fonts)

The Scriptorium ~ www.ragnarokpress.com/scriptorium

Just a little Glitter to spice up your life

RC Gold (&Glitter) ~ https://members.tripod.com/CARE02/index-60.html

 FG-A Free Gifs ~ https://fg-a.com/

Just a few free programs that we would not be caught dead without.

Reflect ~ www.photofiltre.com/

Eclipse Palette ~ www.greeneclipsesoftware.com/stickypad.html

Sticky Pad ~ www.greeneclipsesoftware.com/eclipsepalette.html

Pixia ~ https://park18.wakwak.com/pixia

Unfreez ~ www.whitsoftdev.com/unfreez

IESpell Check ~ www.iespell.com/

SlimBrowser ~ www.flashpeak.com/sbrowser/sbrowser.htm

Edit Pad ~ www.editpadlite.com/editpadlite.html

Note Pad II ~ https://www.flos-freeware.ch/notepad2.html

Some on-line tools that are easy and fun.

Flaming Text ~ www.flamingtext.com/

Gif Works ~ www.gifworks.com/

3D Text Maker ~ www.3dtextmaker.com/

Cool Text ~ www.cooltext.com/

Atom Smashers Error Message ~ www.atom.smasher.org/error/

Acme Licence Maker ~ www.acme.com/licensemaker/

Acme Label maker ~ www.acme.com/labelmaker/

Acme Valentine candy Maker ~ www.acme.com/heartmaker/

PaintShop Pro is our favorite high powered graphic program. Here are a link to over 3000 free and even more pay filters and plugins. PaintShop Pro Filters has the most comprehensive list we have ever found.

PSP9 ~ www.corel.com

PaintShop Pro Filters ~ www.photoshop-filters.com/html/the_filters.htm

Almathera ~ www.mways.co.uk/prog/plugin.php

Transparency ~ www.dizteq.com/joestuff/freestuff.html

Cybia ~ https://www.cybia.co.uk/pluginlinks.htm

(A Pay Filter organizer)
Filters Unlimited ~ www.icnet.de/filters_unlimited/index.html

Our & Everybodies Favorite Plugin! Oh, did we mention all the presets?

SuperBlade Pro ~ www.flamingpear.com/blade.html

C.S. Greens Blading Basket !~ https://greenway.greenwinds.net/Towers/blading/

Dami's Presets ~ www.dragonmyth.com/dami/bladepro-sbp1.html

State of Entropy ~ www.state-of-entropy.com/

Content Paradise ~ www.contentparadise.com

Daz3D ~ www.daz3d.com

Renderosity ~ https://www.renderosity.com/

RuntimeDNA ~ https://www.runtimedna.com/

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