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Adding Text to an Animation
~By Lamb


Adding Text to an Existing Animation

We will use this penquin for this tut.

1. Open your animated graphic in Animation shop.

2. In photo below, scroll all the way to the end of the frames. Look at the red circle I made below. The F tells you how many frames you have. In this case it is 15.


3. We need to open a new canvas for our text as below.

4. Click on number 1 in red, then be sure that number 2 is checked.

5. Now click on the A, number one, for your text. A new window will open for you to select your font and text. Write what you want on that. Click ok. It will now be on your canvas as shown in number 2 above.

6. You will need to crop your image, text now. Go ahead and crop it.

7. Now we need to make the text the same amount of frames as in your animation. So click on the frame of your text, now click on the number 1 as shown below. This will add frames. If you get too many, click on the last frame and click on number 2, that will remove that frame. Do this until you have the 15 frames as you have in the animation.


8. You can see in the above we now have 15 frames. Scroll back to the very first frame on the text and click on it so it is the active frame.

9. Now click on edit as above, then click select all.

10. Click on edit again and click copy as above.

11. Now click on the very first frame of your animation.

12. Click edit, click select all

13. Now click on paste as shown below.

Your text will move as you move your mouse. Move your mouse where you want the text to be and then click it.

Your text should now be in all the frames as shown above.

Now click save as, be sure to save as a gif.

The result should be as below, and you are done.

Tut by Lamb

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