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Bevel Text ~ 1
By ImALilDog

First bevel lesson

We will use a chunky font for this lesson.  I’m going to use Cream n Sugar.  

Choose your favorite colors for your text (or gradients/pattern).  I’m going to use purples to match the text here. I’m using a darker color for my foreground.

Font: (any chunky one you prefer), size:  60 (you can highlight the number and add your own size), Stroke (foreground) dark, Fill (background) light, width: 1, antialias checked.

You should get something like this:


Add this bevel:

Smoothness: 43, Depth: 17, Ambience: -34, Shininess: 15, Angle: 115, Intensity: 53, Elev: 64, Width: 32, Bevel type: No. 2 (round)

You should have something like this:


Now you only need to add a drop shadow.  I used these settings:

Vert & Horiz: 2, Opacity: 53, Blur: 5, Color: A darker hue of your text color.

You should end up with something like this:


or increase the Vert & Horiz to about 8:


Save as usual and use often!

Hope you enjoyed this and learned something a bit new. Don’t forget to try gradients & patterns too.

Next bevel lesson coming soon.
~Tut by ImLilDog

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