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Tube-Ex Tut
Download, unzip and install the program. (if it does not make a short cut on your desk top, go to 'My Computer' > 'C' > 'Program Files' > 'TubeEx' and right click the exe icon and chose 'Create Shortcut'. Then drag the new shortcut to your desk top.

When you open the program, it will look like this:

You need make no changes. In the upper left corner, you will see 'Open & Convert'. Just click that, a window will open, browse to the .psp or .tub file, select it and open… Poof! it is done. Your new .png will be in the same folder with the original file.

This works with .psp or .tub files, not .pspimage files, BUT, there is an easy work around. Right click the .pspimage file and rename it with a .psp or .tub extension.
Then proceed as explained above and it will work fine.

Sometimes, the program is not able to figure some of the information in newer .pspimage files that have been re-named. In that event, you will get a new window pop up like:

See where it says 'Number of Columns' & 'Number of Rows'?
Just put a '1' in each box and click 'OK'… Poof, you're done!

Now your image file is in a high resolution .png file with alpha transparency. That means when you open it into a graphic program such as PhotoShop, Paint, Pixia or whatever you use, it should have a transparent background.

If for some reason it does not, merely load the alpha selection from your program and 'cut' the background after making sure you promoted the image to a layer. But that should rarely be necessary, if ever.

If you use PhotoShop exclusively, it may be easier to install the PSP file converter plug-in for PhotoShop by Toby Thain. You can get that here: Paint Shop Pro Format. It is the 6th one down from the top.

Scout, who lived to be 19 years old and never sick a day in her life



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