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Our Artists

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The Snag Depot

The Snag Depot was formed to showcase the talents of tag
artists from The PaintShop Pro Tube Depot who made these for you to use, free of charge. Our goal is to provide original, Copyright safe
snags in a
congenial atmosphere. We have a multitude of very talented, friendly and
generous people whose terms of use are quite simple: Use what you like and give credit.

We also have wallpapers, stationeries and other resources here…or on the way.
All these Snags and other image and
resource files are shared under a Creative Commons License:

Creative Commons License



We also have a series of tutorials,
, to help the beginner add their name, sparkles
and maybe even a bit of glitter to the blank sigs.

Web Sets

We have web sets for your use here.


We have wallpapers, here, that can be used as background images as well as, of course, wallpapers.


PLEASE: DO NOT copy/paste…
DO right click and save to your own hard drive.
Please DO NOT offer for download on other sites

Ads & Charity

We Have ads on this site. We recieve a portion of any ad you click and buy from.
The income is used to keep this resource and The PSP Tube Depot available for
your free use. Any extra income above costs, we donate to charity. If you use
Amazon, you can use the search Amazon feature at
Our Store to buy practially
anything. We recieve a very small commision from any purchase made through our
store links. (But every little bit helps.)
If you would like to donate to this site, we ask you donate to one of our
charities listed on the
‘Charity’ page at The PaintShop Pro Tube Depot
. If you would like to make a
direct donation to us, you can use the PayPal Donate button below. Again, any
donations in excess of our costs will be re-donated to one of our charities.
Thank you

**Notice to artists:**

If you would like to make snags from tubes and resources from ‘The PaintShop Pro Tube
Depot’ that you would like to share with the world here, please feel free to either
join our Yuku group or email me to be included in this project.
For more information see the TOU page.
Thank-you Stormy for the banner

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